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High Fat Low Carb Cookbook Photos

Food Photography

Being able to take good photos of food for cookbooks is a specialist area of photography. Those beautiful images of your favourite hamburger and fries you see in a fast food outlet are not easy to get looking like they do. Of course seeing food displayed like that makes your mouth just water. If you want to see how much detail you can go into i would suggest checking out Darren Rowses’ beginner guide to food photography.

Bulletproof Food

In the latest cookbook I’m reviewing at home it was interesting to see how to turn meat and vegetables into yummy looking items. All the foods I was looking at where things like avocados, butter, beef, sushi, and other high fat food items. These are all related to Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Diet¬†which is based on eating lots of healthy fats and low carbs. He said this helps for weight loss and apparently can help brain performance too!

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